Destination Murder House

Murder House is located in the heart of “Thrill Kill” Tampa, FL. “Thrill Kill’s” streets are populated by criminals, killers, psychopaths, and the corrupted. This area of Tampa is isolated from the rest of the city and is known to be dangerous and uninhabitable. People unfortunate enough to cross into this wasteland end up mangled in one of the various killing grounds. There are no rules in this sector; it is total anarchy.  In the center of the chaos, a vacant house boarded up and condemned, spawns pure evil. This evil dwelling has become known as: Murder House.

The “Thrill Kill zone is lost to the influence of criminal manslaughter. All authority has lost control and the killers have enslaved this world. The corrupted leaders have torched the constitution in flames instead favoring power, money, and sex. This is a perversion of society, where taboo and criminal justice  has infested into all the establishments in the area. The Killers stalk these killing fields in personal quests of villainous behavior. They are drenched with the blood of the “Helpless Victims” that were not able to get out before this area of the city fell under the murderous hand of the “Thrill Kill.

===                  You Will Be Saved                  ===


Thrill Kill, Tampa FL                                                                                Murder House :  Unknown

Murder House

Murder House:  KILLERS  :  “KILLER SAW” , “THE BUTCHER”  ,  “SWEETS” 

Murder House is a house condemned by killing!  Multiple killers reside here, fighting each other in a vulgar display! Each Killer has segregated, and stays in their own piece of the Murder House property! The chaos that happens on the grounds of Murder House, has ripped a rift into the next world! This portal transports its host into another zone of the Thrill Kill of Tampa!


The Dark Temptation:  KILLERS  :   “THE BOUNCER”

The Dilapidated Tampa Strip Club Remains to be the Last of the Smut in the Dark World! The Sickness Inside Could Excite No Man and the Wretched Exotic Entertainment Will Disgust Even the Sickest of Pervert. Nothing Can Stop The Big Boss Man of the Club:     “The Bouncer.” With His Undisputed Might, The Dark Temptation Thrives and He is Challenging the Power of Other Killers for Fun!



Tampa has a rich historical culture of immigrants coming to make money here as Master Cigar Rollers. They would bring their entire families here in order to make money during the Tobacco boom of the 1920’s.  The Cuban Mafia, came to power and profited a huge amount of dirty money off of these workers. They even controlled the Historical Social Clubs that were erected to support the migrant population. The Cuban Club became known as one of the most dangerous places in Tampa, before the fall of law enforcement, which controlled these powerful and wealthy men. When the Thrill Kill destroyed the infrastructure of authority within the confines of the city, The Cuban Mafia heavily fortified The Cuban Club to fend off the Monster’s of the Thrill Kill.