The Bouncer Wrecks The Cuban Club


A beautiful Cuban woman emanates dark energy that has manifested from her Sins committed while working at the Strip Club down the street from “The Cuban Club” named, “The Dark Temptation.” The Evilness inside this woman opens a portal straight to Murder House. This happens while she’s in the restroom of “The Cuban Club”. Sweets the Clown finds the open portal that’s in the bathroom of Murder House and notices a beautiful Spanish woman inside the bathroom of “The Cuban Club.” Sweets attacks this Cuban woman and kills her, as well as the other females in the basement level restroom. Sweets then picks up the beautiful Cuban woman’s head and returns to his home through the portal to Murder House. The Cuban Mafia and family to this Spanish Morena becomes out raged. The leader of  “The Cuban Club” then orders a hit against Sweets the Clown. He calls “The Dark Temptation”, and demands to talk to “The Bouncer” to set up the hit. “The Bouncer” answers the phone while remaining silent and listens to The Mafia Leaders death request before grunting and hanging up! In the garage of the Strip Club “The Bouncer” gets into the Murder House Hearse and drives over to “The Cuban Club.” “The Bouncer” knows the beautiful woman’s body because she is an exotic dancer at “The Dark Temptation!” In a rage over one of his woman being killed by another man, “The Bouncer” massacres all of The Cuban Mafia in the “The Cuban Club!”

The streets become over run with Clowns prowling in search of survivors of the Thrill Kill. They look to the massacre at “The Cuban Club” , as an opportunity for new territory to host  operations for “The Criminal Warehouse.” The Clowns cautiously approach as they see the Murder House Hearse driving away from the carnage at “The Cuban Club.” ” The Bouncer” pays no attention to the Clowns in his rear view mirror, as he has his target and is focused on terminating Sweets the Clown.