“The Mutant” :  Its got all of your strengths and none of your weaknesses! Appearing out of no where after the takeover of Tampa, the Mutant now takes to the streets to “kill” to show others that there is something to fear. The relentless creature has learned to harness its abilities in an attempt of supremacy and to this day goes unchallenged by any other “Killer.”


“Feline” : All of her past love experiences have changed this once loyal housewife into a fierce, independent feline. She prays on the Alpha Male of the group to challenge her talents with her weaponized finger nail claws. The animal instinct within her has taken over her brain and changed her into a creature of action!  She doesn’t need to lure her suspecting prey with her female anatomy, instead she shreds them apart while they most expect it!


“The Butcher” : A master swordsman with exceptionally lethal skill, it is uncertain what pushes this man to do the things that he does. This man is in shape, a muscular form of intimidation to those that he “Targets.” All “Meat” is accepted at his black-market cannibal meat market. He earns his living selling this rancid meat of human corpses to the freaks of Tampa.

The Butcher

“Killer Saw” : A psychotic with a chainsaw. This tree climber turned killer found that he enjoys dismemberment of human limbs more than the tree counterpart. Nothing satisfies this killers appetite for blood spray and splatter. The only thought he has is “Kill.”


“Sweets The Clown” : A gamer, who’s love of the violent video games has changed him from an interactive killer to a real one! His only target, the women of Tampa that would never date him based on his ambitions to be a professional gamer! With every date becoming awkward after explaining his life plans, he would later rage inside while confining himself to his tiny rental apartment. This ignited a fire in his heart for the ruthless regard of the women that could never understand his antisocial behavior.


“The Bouncer” : A silent killer, the only noise heard is sounds of bone braking agony. A man for hire, but the enjoyment of face-crushing isn’t from some reward of money, no he enjoys inflicting pain. One up front payment can forge an allegiance that can only be broken with the blood of the helpless victim targeted by this insane raging giant. “He just isn’t Human.”

the bouncer new

“CrazyRazor” : Fear is the best weapon, it can control and influence! You must Fear this Insane Mental Patient. He can look into your thoughts for the fear that can kill! If CrazyRazor forms a mental connection with those unfortunate enough to cross this psychopaths vicinity , the link will torture the host with pure fear.


 “Blackout” : This Killer can’t remember his murders. He only kills when the lights go out. Some say that when he loses control, an uncanny beast with berserker rage unleashes his trance like fury.

“Influence” : An evil conscience speaks to the woman Influence, tempting her inner desire to assassinate and rid the world of those not fit enough to survive the Thrill Kill. This invisible demon sits atop her shoulder, perched as an demented mentor and has become a parasite to our beautiful island girl, Influence. A dark presence coaxes her to think ahead of her pray, allowing her to butcher her targets in the worst kind of way.

“Sugar Demon” :  A tragic story of a boy lost in a world that is no longer suitable to raise a child. Abandoned when the “Killers” attacked the city, his parents fled straight to their demise, leaving the innocent youngster to fend for himself in a world that is lost.

“Techno Killer” :  Did you know that there was a LabCorp here in the city of Tampa? Hidden in plain site, this Corporate Institute spreads a fear in the form of chemicals. They employ under-qualified personnel, based upon pure intelligence and without an HR department to look at any personality disorders that could exist among existing employees, LabCorp puts any city that it operates within in significant danger everyday. One scientist, David Pureman, exploited the institute and created a substance so inhuman the result is the Tampa we know now, The “Thrill Kill” of Tampa!

Techno Killer

 Haze” :  Enjoying great success in life was easy for a woman that parades her body around, utilizing her female tactics to seduce the rich of the city. Before turning into the woman “Haze” she began to kill man and woman alike. She would lure them into an area and begin a sexual encounter to get the advantage and kill unexpectedly! 

“The Joke Killer” :   An underground society, uncloaked and taking to the streets, is pushing the Government out faster than they can send agents to Tampa. This organization of criminals remains to be a faceless hiding ground for “The Joke Killer”, as they all wear a clowns face. The “Clowns” slogan for recruitment is “You will be saved”, this is the propaganda posted around the city to offer hope to those that populate the “Thrill Kill.”

The Joke Killer

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