Murder House: “House of Horrors”


Murder House:  KILLERS  :  “KILLER SAW” , “THE BUTCHER”  ,  “SWEETS” 

Living in the  garage-apartment of what came to be known as Murder House, “Sweet’s The Clown” violently attacked his landlord and family, as the city of Tampa collapsed to ruble and flames! Now he has a home to bring the females that he hunts in the Thrill Kill! in “Sweet’s” putrid room, the smell hits you before you see the line-up of female trophies set upon a table! The screams of horror echo within this house of pain! Outside of Murder House, in a dilapidated detached shed, “The Butcher” has a store where you can barter for the meat of a thousand corpses.  The shed has limbs strewn throughout, and the walls have corpses shackled waiting to be processed. The Butcher protects his product and defends it from all intruders.  The darkness of a red blood glow awaits the freaks who come here! On the property of Murder House is a giant grand oak, that jets up above all of Tampa. The vantage point allows Killer Saw to wreck havoc with his killing spree! At the base of the tree are all the tools needed to get the job done! This Tree Climber turned Killer gravitates to the Murder House Oak and draws power from it to become a force of nature! Equipped with his trunk cutting chainsaw, Killer Saw will only fire it up for the death blow! The surprise is that the aerial kill is silent and unexpected! Nothing excites “Killer Saw” more than a bloodlust! Murder House has enough evil energies to rip a rift into the next world! This portal will transport its hosts instantly, into another zone of the Thrill Kill of Tampa!

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