Murder House is changing locations and moving into a building that will allow our vision of what a Hyper Scare Haunt truly is and create a new standard in the Haunt Industry! 

Murder House   is giving a FREE pair of         The 5k Zombie Run (Zombie Only Tickets)         and a FREE pair of             Big Cat Rescue (Day Tour Tickets)              if you enter my FREE          Scream Video Contest! All I ask is for you to give me your best shriek and if you sound        like Jamie Lee Curtis then I will select two winners!  Send your best Scream Video to:                                                                                                                                                                                Hurry!!! You Still Have a Chance to Win! Hurry!!!

Now being praised as one of the best haunted houses people have ever seen! See what people are saying about Murder House!

        Murder House is an entirely new brand that delivers the scariest experience of the horror genre. It consists of everything horror filled, and horror approved. The Murder House brand was founded in August 2013 and the idea generated a haunted attraction like no other.

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Murder House is located in the heart of “Thrill Kill” Tampa, FL. “Thrill Kill’s” streets are populated by criminals, killers, psychopaths, and the corrupted. This area of Tampa is isolated from the rest of the city and is known to be dangerous and uninhabitable. People unfortunate enough to cross into this wasteland end up mangled in one of the various killing grounds. There are no rules in this sector; it is total anarchy.  In the center of the chaos, a vacant house boarded up and condemned, spawns pure evil. This evil dwelling has become known as: “Murder House“.

The “Thrill Kill zone is lost to the influence of criminal manslaughter. All authority has lost control and the killers have enslaved this world. The corrupted leaders have torched the constitution in flames instead favoring power, money, and sex. This is a perversion of society, where taboo and criminal justice  has infested into all the establishments in the area. Some of America’s Greatest Killers stalk these killing fields in personal quests of villainous behavior. They are drenched with the blood of the “Helpless Victims” that were not able to get out before this area of the city fell under the murderous hand of the “Thrill Kill.

When Murder goes wrong!

When Murder goes wrong!



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